Do You Need to Have Antibiotics BEFORE Dental Implants?

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Do You Need to Have Antibiotics BEFORE Dental Implants?

At Dr. Garth B. Riopelle, DDS, we are often asked by patients if they will need antibiotics before they have their dental implant surgical procedure. While this is a common question in our San Ramon office, it is not one that can be answered with a simple yes or no. About two-thirds of all Americans are missing one or more teeth and this means that dental implants are needed. Dental implants provide you with the look you want and the confidence you need, especially when you go out into public. If you want to learn more about antibiotics and dental implants, Dr. Riopelle will discuss it in detail below.

Dental Implants and What Are They

A dental implant is often made from titanium and it is designed to be an artificial tooth root. This root is placed into your jawbone through a surgical procedure. Once the bone has healed around the dental implant, the artificial root will be anchored in place and provide a solid foundation for a denture, bridge, or crown to be placed on top.

Often times, patients will need to have a procedure performed prior to receiving dental implants. For example, a bone graft may be needed or the patient may need to have gum disease treated first. If any procedures are needed beforehand, it is likely that you will need to take antibiotics to ensure proper healing.

Your mouth is home to a lot of bacteria and this bacterium can invade any space and cause an infection to occur, especially when you have minimally invasive procedures. Bacteria can enter into your bloodstream and then spread throughout the body, which makes it risky for high risk patients to not receive antibiotics.
Patients who have been deemed high risk will receive medication prior to the surgical procedure to limit the amount of bacterial growth. Most patients will not need this medicine, but Dr. Riopelle will let you know if you do.

If you are a low risk patient, then you may still need some antibiotics to help limit bacterial growth in the mouth. Most dental implants are successful, but they can fail when infection is present. If a bacterial infection invades the gums near the bone where the implant is, the implants will fail and need to be removed from your mouth, as treatment will not be successful.

Who Is a High and Low Risk Patient?

Seniors and those patients with a weakened immune system will likely need antibiotics along with patients who are considered to be diabetic, smokers, underweight, or overweight. If you are worried that you may or may not need antibiotics, speak with Dr. Riopelle today.

The AHA and ADA recommend that preventative antibiotics are used for patients who have suffered infection after a procedure before. In addition, the AHA recommends that patients with heart conditions receive antibiotics too. The AAOS suggests that patients with prosthetics or those who have recently undergone a prosthetic surgical procedure receive antibiotics.

Evidence to Support Antibiotics: Yes or No?

It is debated very often about whether or not moderate to low risk individuals should receive antibiotics. There are some concerns about it because patients may build up a tolerance to the medication or suffer an allergic reaction. In addition, patients may have side effects such as a headache or diarrhea.
A study has been completed that shows that healthy individuals who received two grams of amoxicillin prior to their dental implant surgery did not suffer any adversary reactions and they did not experience implant failure. The team performing the study reached the conclusion that preventative antibiotics can work, but what benefits they provide to every patient and what antibiotic is the best is unknown.

Dr. Riopelle and Your Dental Implant Consultation

Before you can have dental implant surgery performed you will need to speak with Dr. Riopelle first. At your FREE dental consultation in our San Ramon office, you will find that Dr. Riopelle discusses all of your options with you and will detail whether or not you will need to receive antibiotics prior to your procedure. Some patients do need the medicine, while others do not.

When you come in for your consultation, you should let Dr. Riopelle know if you have suffered from infections or complications in the past. You should also let him know if you are taking any medications or vitamins currently or if you have in the past and what kinds. Dr. Riopelle will discuss your prior dental and medical history at your consultation as well.

Once all of the information has been gathered by Dr. Riopelle, he will let you know what he suggests as far as your candidacy for dental implants and if you need to have any procedures completed prior to the surgery. This will be your chance to discuss any concerns you have.

If you would like to discuss your options with Dr. Riopelle, we invite you to call our San Ramon office now. We are here for you!

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