Meet Dr. Garth Riopelle, DDS

Dr. Garth Riopelle, DDS

Dr. Riopelle has been providing his clients with the highest form of dental care in the San Ramon area. He has been in practice for close to 30 years and continues to show his patients that dentistry does not have to be difficult or painful. Dr. Riopelle is highly respected in the area and by other providers for his clear dedication to individualized patient care in an environment that uses the BEST and LATEST techniques available.

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Dr. Garth Riopelle, DDS

Dr. Riopelle sees himself as a dental artist and craftsman that is able to restructure and recreate your smile so that it is the way you want it to be. He has experience in all types of procedures from full mouth reconstructions to porcelain veneers and complex dental implants.

Dr. Riopelle is always at the leading edge of dentistry and updated technologies. He was the first dentists in the tri-valley areas to provide the latest CAD-CAM technology, CEREC. Dr. Riopelle has placed more than 5,000 same-day crowns since 2005.

In recent years, there has been dramatic flooding of the market for providers of dentistry in our growing community. Frankly, because the supply of new dental offices far exceeds the need, most of them do not last long.

We know you want a dentist who rises above the rest.

Considering Dr. Riopelles multiple awards for excellence since early in his career, and the respect he has been given by other long term health care providers in Contra Costa County, his successful longevity in the area, and as well as the endless compliments and repetitive referrals coming from his long term patients and their families it is easy to see that he is that dentist.

His concern for quality in our local dental community extended to his membership in the Contra Costa Dental Society Peer review board for over ten years. His duties included reviewing Dental case reports and delivering his opinion regarding whether or not appropriate care was delivered by other Providers. This membership was by invitation of the review board themselves, and reflects the high level of respect he is given by other Dental Surgeons who have also been in the community for some time.

Dr. Riopelle is looking forward to continuing to give his patients the absolute best of care for many years to come.

Just as he always has -- and he is here to stay!



Started the dental practice in San Ramon, California.


Began offering CEREC same-day crowns to patients.


Awarded a Fellowship by International Congress of Oral Implantologists.


Placed 5000th same-day crown.


Invited to a Hoissen-sponsored a humanitarian project in Vietnam.

Other Info

  • pet icon My favorite food is pizza!
  • icon music I am a huge Giants fan.
  • icon food I was awarded a fellowship by the International Congress of Implantologists in 2012.
  • icon food I have coached numerous youth sports leagues in the San Ramon Valley for over 20 years.

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Catie N.
Dental office in San Ramon, California, google review
Dental office in San Ramon, California, 5 stars review

Catie N.

I recently moved to California, and have been searching for a good dentist. Having a trusted dentist is a must. I'm so glad I've found Dr. Riopelle! He is very thorough in his work, with new technologies that my crown was made in the office, in less than an hour I was out! The staff are wonderful and very friendly. Love the office space!
Robert C.
Dental office in San Ramon, California, google review
Dental office in San Ramon, California, 5 stars review

Robert C.

Dr Riopelle has been my dentist of choice for years now. He and his fellow family member have me all covered in different areas of medical needs. He is kind and caring and has great follow up to make sure you are not in pain and any procedures that were done are satisfactory to me.
Erin P.
Dental office in San Ramon, California, google review
Dental office in San Ramon, California, 5 stars review

Erin P.

Dr. Riopelle and his staff are AMAZING. After several bad experiences with other dentists Dr. Riopelle made me feel totally relaxed about the procedure he was going to do and talked me through what he was doing. His assistant, was so sweet and was very reassuring the entire visit. I couldn't be happier with my experience at Dr.Riopelles and I'm so thankful I can now continue going there. Plus, they are very affordable without dental insurance!
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