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If you have missing teeth, dentures are an excellent treatment option for you. Many patients love dentures because they are a versatile option that does not require surgical procedures as implants do. There are two kinds of dentures: partial and complete. A partial denture replaces only a few missing teeth. A complete denture replaces all of the missing teeth.

Dentures in San Ramon, California

There are many different types of material that are used to make dentures. Often, some dental offices prefer one type of material over another. At the San Ramon, CA dental office of Dr. Riopelle, we recommend a Valplast denture. This denture is made from a flexible acrylic material. It molds easily to the mouth and also has a pleasing visual appearance. Valplast acrylic is flexible and does not feel hard.

We also offer metal-framed dentures. These are also comfortable dentures, but they are not as flexible in your mouth as Valplast. The temperature of beverages and foods is more comfortable. However, when considering dentures, be aware that metal frame dentures often need to be adjusted in the future.

Why Should You Choose Dentures?

When you have missing teeth, there are different replacement options. Some people consider getting dental implants, but find that they are not a good candidate for the procedure. If you cannot choose implants, dentures are a good choice.

Although some patients say they do not feel a need to replace their missing teeth, Dr. Riopelle recommends replacing them. If you do not replace missing teeth, your bone structure changes, which is a result of the jaw shrinking without the tooth. You may notice this when you look in the mirror and see that your face appears to sag. To prevent this, you should replace the missing teeth.

When you have dentures, they prevent your face from sagging or shrinking. You will also have a better quality of life with a full set of teeth. Dentures also give you the chance to smile without feeling insecure about your missing teeth. Imagine never having to hide in public again! Dr. Garth Riopelle can help give you the smile of your dreams.

Immediate vs. Conventional Dentures

There are two options for dentures: immediate and conventional. With conventional dentures, they are made to go in the mouth and be removed at will. These dentures are placed in your mouth after your gums have fully healed. Before you get your dentures, you must also wait until your jaw bone is completely finished shrinking. This healing process may take a few months. Since this means that you will be without teeth while you heal, conventional dentures are not necessarily the right choice for everyone.

Immediate dentures are put into your mouth right after the teeth have all been extracted. This is the best option for people who need their teeth right away, particularly if you work in a job or position where you need to interact with other people. If you get immediate dentures, you will need to have them adjusted frequently since your mouth will shrink as it heals. The reason the mouth shrinks is that it will need to adjust to having no tooth structures. Once your mouth is totally healed, you won’t need to have the dentures realigned.

What Can You Expect From Your New Dentures?

When you first feel the dentures in your mouth, they may not be completely comfortable. This is normal. It usually takes a little time for patients to get used to the feel of dentures. Dr. Riopelle recommends practicing speaking and eating in order to aid in the recovery process.

Some patients may also need to practice the location of their tongue since your mouth will feel slightly different once the dentures are inside. Although this takes some time to get used to, once you get the hang of it, it will never be a problem again.

For the first few days after you receive dentures, you may have some soreness and irritation. This is a normal feeling for most people. If the sensitivity lasts for more than a few days, then we recommend contacting our San Ramon, CA dental office immediately. Dr. Riopelle may need to realign and readjust the dentures to make sure there are no further problems.

After you receive your dentures, you will have a follow-up appointment with Dr. Riopelle so that he can check the fit and comfort of your dentures.

Caring For Your New Dentures

Some patients make the mistake of thinking that dentures do not need to be taken care of like your their real teeth. This is not true. You still cannot neglect your teeth. If you do, your dentures can get stained and warped, which could cause irritation and soreness in your gums.

Once you have dentures, you must continue to floss and brush daily, just as you did before. Dr. Riopelle will give you detailed instructions on how to care for your dentures.

Here are some tips on how to properly take care of your dentures so they remain clean and comfortable:

  1. Always rinse off the dentures after eating. Once the debris is removed, brush the dentures thoroughly to make sure you remove all additional particles of food.
  2. After the dentures are brushed, be sure to rinse them and then place them into a cleaning solution. Once they have been in the solution for the recommended length of time, remove the dentures, dry them off and always store them in a dry and warm location.
  3. Don’t forget to clean your gums, tongue and cheeks. If you skip this step, you’ll end up with irritated gums and could have bad breath.
  4. If you follow these three steps, then your dentures should last a lifetime. But if you neglect them, you will wind up paying the price.

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Catie N.
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Dental office in San Ramon, California, 5 stars review

Catie N.

I recently moved to California, and have been searching for a good dentist. Having a trusted dentist is a must. I'm so glad I've found Dr. Riopelle! He is very thorough in his work, with new technologies that my crown was made in the office, in less than an hour I was out! The staff are wonderful and very friendly. Love the office space!
Robert C.
Dental office in San Ramon, California, google review
Dental office in San Ramon, California, 5 stars review

Robert C.

Dr Riopelle has been my dentist of choice for years now. He and his fellow family member have me all covered in different areas of medical needs. He is kind and caring and has great follow up to make sure you are not in pain and any procedures that were done are satisfactory to me.
Erin P.
Dental office in San Ramon, California, google review
Dental office in San Ramon, California, 5 stars review

Erin P.

Dr. Riopelle and his staff are AMAZING. After several bad experiences with other dentists Dr. Riopelle made me feel totally relaxed about the procedure he was going to do and talked me through what he was doing. His assistant, was so sweet and was very reassuring the entire visit. I couldn't be happier with my experience at Dr.Riopelles and I'm so thankful I can now continue going there. Plus, they are very affordable without dental insurance!
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